While we aim to ensure that renting a car in Venice Italy is as easy as it can be, there are some important factors that you need to take into account to make sure you get the best deal. Be aware that, as we deal with a number of rental companies, terms can differ, so let’s have a look at some of the frequently asked questions with regard to car hire in Venice.

What are the Terms of Service?

Each car hire form will have its own terms covering certain details of the transaction, and you will be expected to adhere to these at all times. It is important to read carefully through the terms – including any small print – in order that you understand what you may be responsible for. Some of these points are covered in more detail below.

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How Can I Pay?

While some will accept a debit card payment, most of the major hire companies will ask for a credit card as payment for your hire car. Not only does this offer them more security, it also does for you. Make sure you understand the detailed terms, including that of the deposit, and check that you have a valid card in the driver’s name.

Also, should you have any vouchers that have been procured online, remember to print them out to present to the company, or you will miss out on your rental.

What I.D. Do I Need?

You will need a full valid driver’s licence with a photo ID, or a valid international driver’s licence if that from your home country does not apply. You will also likely be asked to provide other proof of identity, probably a passport. Make sure your ID is valid in Italy, as well as your driver’s licence.

What Else do I Need to Check?

First and foremost, your mileage allowance, and your fuel policy. Most deals will come with a mileage allowance included, although some can be unlimited. Exceeding any permitted allowance will incur additional costs, and these can be costly. Make sure you plan your trip ahead, and know how many miles you need. As for fuel, you will likely pick up a car with a full tank – check this before you leave – and will be expected to return it also full. Make sure you fill up at a local service station before returning the car, or you may be charged at the hire company’s standard - more expensive – rate.


How Much Deposit?

This will depend upon the company and the deal; remember that your deposit is intended to cover some of the costs that may be incurred in the incidents below.

What if I Have an Accident?

Your car rental deal should include insurance, although you may be responsible for costs incurred in an accident that are not covered. Check your rental details in advance to make sure you are aware of that you are liable for. Also, many companies will charge you for replacement tyres in the event of a puncture, so this should also be checked in advance.

The above is by no means a comprehensive checklist but covers many of the vital points. We advise all our customers to check the terms of service and any other paperwork carefully so that they understand their rights and any charges they may incur.